About Us

Our Mission

The Center for DREAMers empowers DACAmented students to achieve their higher education goals in Wisconsin through access to culturally responsive legal representation, social services, and educational and career services.

Our vision is to be the most trusted resource center in Wisconsin for DACAmented students.

Our Core Values

We embrace the whole human.

We believe that folks that are DACAmented are complex with various intersecting identities and with unique histories.

We believe in healing.

We believe that beyond equity there is empowerment and through empowerment and community we can heal.

We believe in the community.

We believe that we become stronger when we come together to fight for what is right.

We know folks that are DACAmented have incredible potential.

They are strong. They are resilient. They are an asset to their communities.

We believe that there is healing breaking barriers and in opening doors.

Every time a door is open to folks who are DACAmented it provides a sense of hope that is part of a healing process.

Our Team

Erika Rosales

Position title: Center for DREAMers Director

Erin Barbato

Position title: Immigrant Justice Clinic Director

Yuli Ruiz Márquez

Position title: Law Student

Karen Suárez Jiménez

Position title: Law Student

Ghaida Mohamed Edreis

Position title: Intern

Camila Rivero

Position title: Intern

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