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The Center for DREAMers is now closed as the two-year grant has come to an end in October 2023. We are grateful for all of the incredible work we were able to accomplish through the Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment Foundation. This website will remain available for its resources and download library, however, it will no longer be updated.

The Center for DREAMers provides state-wide education information to DACAmented college students through online resources, tools, and events.

The Center also collaborates with colleges and universities state-wide to create tools to better serve DACAmented and undocumented students.

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Admissions to UW-Madison

DACA status is not asked about on the application for admission. There is not a separate admission process for DACA students. The admission process utilizes a holistic review for all applicants.

There is no federal law that prohibits the admission of undocumented immigrants to U.S. colleges, public or private. All students are welcome to apply to Edgewood College, Madison College, and UW-Madison regardless of their citizenship or residency status. Residency status is not a factor that is considered in admission, but tuition rates are different for students who are from in-state and students who are identified as out-of-state.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

Costs including tuition, room and board, and supplies


Each institution offer a variety of degree options that will lead to your educational, professional, and career goals. Learn about different program options and degree requirements:

Resident Tuition Status

Under current state law, the University does not have the authority to grant resident tuition status to undocumented students or those with DACA status. As a result, such students are not considered state residents and are therefore charged out-of-state tuition. Because of their status, they are also not currently able to access financial aid from federal sources or state aid from the Higher Educational Aids Board.

Financial Aid

Generally, DACA students are not eligible for federal, state, or institutional need-based financial aid because they require U.S. citizenship or other eligible non-citizen status.

UW-Madison has been working hard to grow the pool of private financial aid for all students who may need assistance with the cost of attendance and these funds may be available to support students in this status.  Within the past year, the Chancellor’s Office dedicated discretionary private funds to support a new development position dedicated to grow need-based scholarship opportunities at the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association.

UW- Madison Financial Aid Resources

Scholarship Funds

Within the pool of private funds available to support need-based scholarships, UW-Madison has prioritized allocating these resources to fulfill the commitment of financial aid made to students participating in partnership programs, such as the PEOPLE program and the Madison College Scholars of Promise. A limited amount of private resources exists above and beyond those dedicated to these efforts.  Students interested in applying for these resources, may request an individualized assessment through the Office of Student Financial Aid by contacting Martina Diaz at (608) 262-4448 or Joselyn Diaz-Valdes at (608) 262-6885.

Use the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH) to review available scholarships at UW-Madison, and also consider more resources:

Private Donations

UW-Madison is establishing a process through the Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association to accept private donations dedicated to supporting students with financial need who are otherwise unable to access federal financial aid. For information on how to make a contribution for this purpose, please contact Shannon Ghere or (608) 509-2167.

Campus Jobs

Current DACA recipients retain authorization to work in the U.S. until their DACA status expires. If a DACA recipient provides updated paperwork based on a renewal of DACA status, the university should complete an I-9 based on that paperwork. Once a DACA employee’s I-9 expires, the university must re-verify that individual’s work authorization or following the university’s procedures regarding lack of work authorization.

When DACA expires

Students do not need to drop out if DACA status expires.  Enrollment at UW-Madison is not based on DACA status.

Know Your Rights At UW-Madison

Classrooms, dorms, places of worship

ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) has designated classrooms and places of worship as “sensitive locations,” meaning that ICE will make arrests at a sensitive location only in exigent circumstances or emergency situations requiring swift action to prevent imminent danger to life or serious damage to property, or to forestall the imminent escape of a suspect, or destruction of evidence.

The right to remain silent

Individuals confronted by ICE agents may invoke the right to remain silent and to refuse to answer questions or consent to any kind of search.

Educational Resources

Community Educational Resources in Wisconsin

HEP_Brochure_Sept (PDF): The HEP Program is a Free GED available in Spanish or English at Madison College for people who have worked seasonally in agriculture.


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